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10 Ways, Ten American Abstract Artists, Derbyluis Liberia Galleria D'arte, Milano

Exhibited February - April 2015

Derbylius Libreria Galleria d'Arte opened in 1992 in Milan. Since 2010 it has been located at 12 Via Pietro Custodi, with an inviting display window. For over 20 years, Derbylius has focused on the relationship between art in word and image through the international avant-garde art of the 20th Century. Its particular interest is in the Italian avant-garde, specifically in the city of Milan, which saw the birth of Futurism, Arte Nucleare, Spatialism, Concrete Art, Visual Poetry and La Scrittura Verbo-Visuale (word-based image) and the relationships they have created in Europe and around the world. The particular interest of Derbylius is to recreate through posters, catalogs, posters and invitations the historic environment in which the artist or artistic movement developed. Concurrent with its gallery activities, Derbylius functions as a publishing house, building a tangible link between word and image. Through her exhibitions and publications, Carla Roncato has promoted the work of historical and contemporary artists who have chosen the book as "matter" and on it built an eclectic paradigm of artist book = book as object = book object as art.

This information has been translated and condensed from the information in Italian here in the section "Chi siamo"—Joanne Mattera

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